Table/Chair Spacing in Dining Room(s)

The dining room’s tables and chairs must be set up so that there is at least 6 feet between each of the parties. Test the spacing with the chairs pulled out from the tables.  You will probably have to reduce capacity by at least 50%.  If you have a private dining room/lounging areas, consider using it as regular restaurant seating.

Dining room bars should adhere to the same policy as the regular dining room.   Ensure guests are distanced from your bartender. Standing or waiting for tables inside the bar or the dining room should not be allowed

No parties or gatherings larger than 10 people are allowed.  Reservations should be required.  

Massachusetts Specific Requirements:

Restaurants may not seat customers at the bar.  However, the bar area may be used for additional seating if the tables can be spaced allowing for the 6 ft. distancing.

The size of any party at dining tables may not exceed 6 people.

Restaurants must establish directional hallways and pathways for foot traffic if possible with clear signage regarding directions.