Food Contact Surfaces Cleaned and Sanitized

It is important to assure that all food-contact surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized properly.  If using a three bay sink, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Pre-soak and scrape off food debris.
  2. Wash in the first/wash bay with a clean soap solution. The water temperature requirement is a minimum of 110°F (43°C).
  3. Rinse in the second/rinse bay with water (preferably hot), this sink can be filled or the water can be flowing. All of the soap solution must be removed prior to the sanitize step.  
  4. Sanitize in third/sanitize bay using the proper chemical concentration, the proper temperature and contact time. (Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions) Sanitizers must be tested with an unexpired test kit. See below for Chemical concentrations.
  5. Allow the equipment to air dry

Chemical concentrations are measured in parts per million (ppm)

  • Chlorine – 50-100ppm (Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions)  
  • Quats – (Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions)  
  • Iodine – 12.5 to 25ppm

When Cleaning and sanitizing large food contact surfaces such prep tables or clean-in-place equipment), the same procedures described above must be followed.