Supplies Ordered

You should be well stocked with the following to last 2-4 weeks maybe longer depending on the supply chain:

  1. Non-contact thermometers to monitor employees’ temperature (this may be required by some health departments)
  2. Gloves (may be color-coded for different tasks – such as white for handling food and clean equipment and black for handling soiled dishes/equipment.) 
  3. Facemasks
  4. An EPA approved disinfectant for use against coronavirus (see information on EPA list of approved Disinfectants for use against coronavirus below).
  5. A clean-up kit for vomiting and diarrheal incidents
  6. Goggles – these may be needed if an employee needs to respond to an ill customer or another employee.  These can often be found in clean-up kits for vomiting and diarrheal incidents.
  7. Non-contact hand sanitizing wipes or gel for employees and customers.


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