Are Your Certificates up to Date

Most states and local municipalities require one or more certificates in order to operate a retail food service establishment. As weeks to months have passed since the “shelter-in-place” orders, it is possible some of your certificates have expired.  These should be renewed as soon as possible.

The following Certified Food Protection Manager exams are Nationally Accredited Exam Organizations:  Prometric, ServSafe (from The Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association); National Registry of Food Safety Professionals; (Learn2Serve); Above Training/; and The Always Food Safety Company, LLC. 

As of April 2020, there are two states (Massachusetts and Oregon) in which employees are required to have training in anti-choking procedures. Massachusetts requires that a certificate of training is available.

As of April 2020, Massachusetts and Rhode Island are the only states in which an allergy certificate of training is required.

Many States require food handlers to be certified and some jurisdictions require different credentials. New York City is a good example of a local jurisdiction that requires its own Food Protection Certificate.