Cold Holding Equipment- Maintain Product at 41°F (5°C) or Lower

Most reach-in refrigerators are intended to keep cold food cold.  Unlike a walk-in refrigerator, they are not able to cool products quickly enough from ambient or warm/hot temperatures. Check the temperature of any solid or liquid item in the refrigerator to assure 41°F (5°C) or lower.  If your refrigerators are empty, you can place a small cup of cold water in the unit and use this to confirm it is able to maintain product temperatures.  Make sure to check the temperature after in 30-60 minutes.

Make sure to check temperatures in different areas of the unit as the location of the compressor can cause a different temperature.  For example, if the compressor is located on the top, food products on the bottom shelf could be as much as 5°F-10°F higher.  Do not overload the shelving in these units as it may inhibit proper circulation.