Action Steps for Re-opening

The RAP is broken down into 7 actionable steps for the operator to have a successful and safe reopening.  They are laid out based on the lead times needed to complete the steps. Some steps might take 5 minutes to complete while others may involve hours to complete. Some may not apply to your business at all.

  • Step 1 – Ordering Supplies
  • Step 2 – Developing Procedures on the new recommendations/requirements
  • Step 3 – Training Staff and Verifying Certifications are up to date
  • Step 4 – Notifying Business Partners of Your Anticipated Opening Date
  • Step 5 – Preparing Your Kitchen
  • Step 6 – Preparing the Front of House
  • Step 7 – Using the RAP Inspection to Assure You’re Ready to Reopen!
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How to use the RAP