Procedures for Routinely Cleaning and Disinfecting Carts and Baskets

Procedures must be developed for cleaning and disinfecting grocery carts and baskets.  These must include who will be responsible for this task, how often they are to be cleaned and disinfected, how to clean and disinfect and the chemicals that are to be used.  The carts and baskets should be cleaned with a soap and water solution or a pressure sprayer.  Then, they must be disinfected.  There are numerous products that are effective disinfectants against the coronavirus.  See if your disinfectants are on the EPA list.

Remember, the proper concentration and contact time for your disinfectant is required to kill the coronavirus.    (Make sure to refer to the manufacturer’s directions for use).

*There can be chemical interactions when chemicals are mixed that are deadly so make sure to review the Safety Data Sheets