Disinfecting Menus

If you decide that you would like to continue using your laminated menus or menu covers, you must clean (if visibly soiled) and disinfect the menus or the menu covers between each use as these are frequently touched items.  It is highly recommended to use single-use paper menus or “electronic” menus (such as QR menus) for touchless ordering.  Your menu could be downloaded onto your customers phone or you can allow your customers to order when making reservations eliminating the need for menus outright.

If you will be using and therefore disinfecting your laminated menus or menu covers, there are numerous chemicals that are effective against the coronavirus.  See if your disinfectants are on the EPA list. 

If you use EcoLab products, the Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant and Mikro-Quat are on the EPA list of disinfectants against the coronavirus.  In addition, many of the Clorox products are on the approved list as well.  Remember, the proper concentration and contact time for your disinfectant is required to kill the coronavirus.

There can be chemical interactions when chemicals are mixed that are deadly so make sure to review the Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Call your chemical supply company if necessary.