Staff Training

It is critically important that all your staff are trained.  Not only do they need to understand the symptoms and basic preventative measures for COVID-19, they also need to understand the new procedures put in place to help prevent the spread to other employees and customers and understand why these procedures are in place. The following is a sample agenda for the COVID-19 Training:

Agenda for COVID-19 Training

  1. Symptoms
  2. Personal Preventative Measures
  3. Mitigation Procedures for Food Service Establishments
  4. Hand Washing
  5. Wearing Masks and Gloves
  6. Social Distancing
  7. Protecting Yourself and Others
  8. Cleaning / Disinfecting Frequently Touched Surfaces
  9. Managing Employee Health (including which underlying health conditions may make individuals more susceptible to contracting and suffering from a severe case of the virus)

You can also train your staff by showing the 20 minute “COVID-19 Reopening Action Plan Employee Training” video below. It is a a great place to start. It is meant for your employees and is about 20 minutes long and contains an overview of what your employees need for training . Just back it up with specific practices in your workplace.

The training video can also be found here: (This link opens a new tab)

Detailed Handwashing and Glove use

Click on the links for training tools.

Covid-19 Specific Training

Here is the Spanish edition.