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FoodCode-Pro™ works the way you do. It expects you to enter violations as you encounter them rather than follow a preset order of a checklist. FoodCode-Pro will keep organize the violations in the final reports so you don't have to. Our base system (FoodCode-IQ™) is checklist based but FoodCode-Pro™ will bring you to a new level of accuracy and protection from liability. Rather than follow a checklist of items to look for, it knows you are smarter than that, you see violations as you go. FoodCode-Pro™ is written by inspectors for inspectors. So, enter violations as you go and let FoodCode-Pro™ convert that into the report organized by FDA Sections, item numbers and violations. FoodCode-Pro™ is built by inspectors for inspectors, the difference is clear to see.

Check out the Fun White Board

Up to the Minute Food Code

FoodCode-Pro™ is equipped with the entire up to date FDA Food Code. Variations for individual jurisdictions are available at no extra charge. There is a powerful yet simple search feature that allows you to search the entire food code in an instant. Can't remember the item number or code for hot holding violation? Simply enter 135 and hit search. Guess what? There it is, another touch and it is added to the inspection. Having this type of backup to your observations is a game changer and helps protect your liability.

Dead Simple to use

If you have been writing reports by hand you already know how to use FoodCode-Pro™. It proceeds through an inspection just like you have always done. Only now you have an expert assistant to help you find even obscure violations. Simply choose the establishment you are inspecting, and with dropdown lists the details you need are entered quicker than you could possibly write or even speak. The meat of the system is the violations. Use the powerful search feature to find the right violations, get photographic evidence on the fly, dictate notes as you go. Let FoodCode-Pro™ help you ditch the paper!

Talk about saving time

Ok, you have gone through the restaurant, adding violations, some thorough notes, pictures, temps and now what? How about printing or emailing a perfect report on the spot complete with automatic scoring (your scoring system not ours) , FoodCode-Pro™ adds the violations description ( taken from the actual code), highlights and marks any violations that you saw the last time you visited, and puts it in all in a perfect, easy to read FDA format (or your own preferred format.) Total time: 12 seconds.

Digitized and Organized

The data is in there forever, well up there or wherever the cloud is. Its backed up, it's secure and you can report on it any way you want. Tell FoodCode-Pro™ to show you all the violations Store A has had in the last 12 months... sort them by date.. now how about sorting by violation and "Voila!" and the report shows that Store A has had a hair restraint violation in 90% of their inspections. Time to force some action. Need to present findings at a hearing? 5 minutes of report collection and you are ready to go. No more filing cabinets. Ditch the paper and join the Relavent generation.

You want to see how it works? Let's Go!

Here is an interactive demo that will give you a taste of what FoodCode-Pro™ can do!

Interactive iPad Demo

This interactive demo will simulate you performing an inspection at The Tavern, one of our favorite locations ( they always do well.) Check it out all the way from starting the inspection on the iPad to printing or PDF'ing (is that a word?) the reports. There are similar screens for the iPhone as well. The entire food code is in the palm of your hand.

This demo will take you through an entire inspection from start to finish. FoodCode-Pro is so good, so convincing, so far above other products you have to see it to believe it. This demo is just the tip of the iceberg.

Drop us a line here and we will get you the password. We can't wait to show you! We can also present it live in person or via video conference.

Or take a look at a demo of the desktop system.

Frequently asked questions.

How easy is it to learn?
If you are an experienced inspector, it will take 2 inspections to surpass your speed on paper. 10 inspections and you are cutting your time in half - from the start of an inspection through reporting. This is the future!
Is it expensive?
As a cloud-based service, our modules are based a monthly subscription for each unique user. Depending on the number of unique users and the number of modules, the average monthly cost per user is approximately $150.00.
Can I easily search for violations?
Search capabilities are embedded into the inspection workflow. Our platform leverages "3D" search capabilities which allow users to choose their preferred search method. You can search on any violation aspect: A word, a phrase, an item number, a partial violation code or view an entire section of the code.
How much training do I need to start?
If you are an experienced inspector it will take 2-4 inspections for you to feel you are about even in speed to a hand written report. After a dozen inspections you will be very comfortable. New inspectors have a lot to learn about inspecting before they will be good at either a paper report or a FoodCode-Pro report. Having FoodCode-PRO's™ violation database at hand will allow faster learning and better accuracy of the violations cited.
Can it summarize data for me?
There is an infinite number of ways you can filter and sort date to fit your needs. Just about any question you have can be made into a report. "Show me all the inspections Henry did in 2018? "How many repeat violations did restaurant "X" have in the last 5 inspections?"
Does the system support scoring?
In addition to three (3) standard scoring algorithms, administrators can allow inspectors to manually adjustment a deduction value at the violation level. When scoring is turned off, the system will continue to list the number of violations for each type (P, Pf, C).
Can I import my current client or inspection location list?
In 90% of the installations we can help import your old data into FoodCode-Pro. This could be as simple as your contact list to as complex as old inspection data if you have any of that digitized already. Some installations have transferred many of the inspections to Excel or something similar so we may be able to import the basic data for you.
How secure is the data?
All communication between the server and user is encrypted using SSL. We employ both gateway border firewall systems as well as individual firewall systems on all of our servers. We utilize Encryption at Rest (EAR) capability which encrypts the database contents themselves while on the server whether it is in use or not. FoodCode Pro has many other layers of security, You can assign users to certain screens, certain tasks read only, really any sheme you can come up with.
What about backups?
Backups are created every hour and backed up on site as well as off site using Amazon S3. If there is a failure of any kind you will never be more than an hour behind when we restore your data. Relavent Systems can help you restore down to the single record if you accidentally deleted an Inspection.
Does the system work on windows or Macs?
The system is 100% cross platform. for devices in the field we only trust iPhones and iPads to give the optimum performance and reliability.
I just want a simple checklist. will this work?
Well yes, but FoodCode-PRO™ is so much more than that so we can not recommend this as a simple checklist, it is just so rich and full featured. Email us and we can give you a preview of FoodCode-IQ™ which offers a more checklist format (In fact it does more than most "full featured" competitors!)

FoodCode-Pro Comparison Guide

Product A
Product B
Cross platform between
Windows and Mac,iPads, iPhones
Dedicated server included for your system
iPhone and iPads used in the field
Easily search the entire FDA and Local Codes code during an inspection
Flexible scoring
Custom Reports Included
Custom Charts Included
Easy photo insert during inspection
Stores other related documents like PDf, Word
Uses P, Pf & C to match the Food Code
Temperature summaries
Corrective Actions
Identifies repeat violations on the fly
Variance alert
Customizable checklist
Dictation of notes on site
Email report to business on site
review report on site
Illness/complaint investigation forms
How do other inspection software systems stack up?

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Lisa incorporates her unrivaled subject matter expertise in investigating and preventing food-borne illnesses into the core functionality of FoodCode-Pro. Lisa brings 25+ years of experience as an epidemiologist and the founder, president and lead consultant of Berger Food Safety Consulting, a leading food safety consulting practice. She is widely recognized and sought after for her extensive knowledge and experience in food safety.



Eileen provides deep domain expertise in food safety operations and incorporates inspection best practices into the core functionality of FoodCode-Pro. Eileen brings 25+ years of corporate, institutional and education food service and safety management experience to developing and refining the inspector’s user experience.

Greg Mazur

Chief Executive Officer

Greg is responsible for setting corporate strategy and leading the day-to-day operations of the business. Greg brings 30+ years of experience as an operating executive leading technology enabled businesses that have leveraged his extensive experience in process engineering, product development and prudent financial management.



Michael is responsible for all customer facing activities, corporate development, go-to-market and strategic growth initiatives. Michael brings 25+ years of experience as an early stage investor, management consultant and operating executive in emerging growth companies using technology to disrupt the status quo


Founder, Chief of Product

As Chief of Product, Ed is responsible for product development— which covers all features, functionality, utilization and support of FoodCode-Pro. For the past 19 years, Ed has been the creative mastermind behind the development and evolution of FoodCode-Pro, as well as several other custom software platforms in the consulting and hospitality industries.



John brings a lifetime of hi-tech experience to the table. He owns and operates Frontline Group in Boston which provides software and hardware solutions to businesses from owner operated small businesses to enterprise level businesses and everything in between.

Dr. Darin Detwiler, LP.D., M.A.Ed.


Dr. Detwiler is the Assistant Dean at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies. His work at the university includes quality assurance supervision for all undergrad and graduate programs. He is also a Professor of Food Regulatory Policy, responsible for the development and instructions of courses related to food safety, global economics of food and agriculture, and food policy. Additionally, he advises industry and government agencies on food safety and authenticity issues in the U.S. and abroad.

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